When You Love an Addict

Updated: Feb 26

My last blog post was about relationship repair, and in it I mentioned that for ten years before I met my now husband I was in a relationship with an active alcoholic.

To finally heal and successfully remove myself from the relationship I give all glory to God.

I would also recommend a few things to anyone else who is struggling in that same scenario.

1 - Get help. Join Alanon. Or Coda. It is free and they even have phone meetings if you cannot attend in person.

2 - Give it up to God. Let him handle these big issues, you just do your part.

3 - Read. While most people like Codependent No More, I preferred Women Who Love to Much by Robin Horwood. LIFE CHANGING FOR ME.

4 - Reflect. What about your relationship now, your triggers and your spouse reminds you of your childhood? Keep on journal on this, it is powerful.

5 - Forgive yourself. You are human.

6 - Have positive daydreams about what your ideal future looks like. I clung to these during those lonely times.

7 - Listen to affirmations daily. You can find free ones on YouTube to listen to while going about your day.





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