When A Program or Course or Book or Coaching Package Isn't Selling

Updated: Jul 2

Anytime you have something posted online and it isn't selling it is almost NEVER the item's fault. You will need to look at the following two things:

1 - Website visitors

2 - Your offer

  1. You may have the best offer and book in the world buuuut if you have no one seeing that it exists...Well, then you will have no sales.

  2. If you have visitors and the item in question is still not selling, you need an irresistible offer. Brilliant. As an example, when you look at my Become a Coach Program page, you do not just see details for the program, you see a whole host of items that are included. Those are items I just created myself. I created them, got Fiverr.com to make some graphics and BAM! Golden offer that makes sales.

This is covered more in depth in every program we offer.

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