The Most Cost Effective Way to Move EVER WITHOUT Schlepping Boxes Yourself

So I move a lot. As in 8 times in 7 years. Sometimes we bought, most times we rented. (The moving is due to my husband's job.)

Now what I have learned is a secret every fellow mover should know.

The cheapest way to move (especially state to state) WITHOUT schlepping boxes yourself is to rent a Uhaul. And as you reserve that online, select moving help. You can often get two men for two hours for about $100.00.

This is waaaay cheaper than using a moving company for the whole move or even for just the boxes.

Then, box everything and get it ready. The movers load, you drive, other movers unload.

Calling a moving company puts you at $320 for a two-hour minimum for two people just to load or unload. (Trust me, I have called quite a few movers in my time.)

$2000 and up is what you're looking at for a state to state move where they also drive the truck aaaaand you will be without your items for a few weeks 🤦‍♀️.


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