Questions Guaranteed To Get Clients to Goals

Every coach needs to decide the path they take their clients on to successful goal setting and attainment.

Through your training you look at various options for this and the psychological reasons behind certain steps, but ultimately it is your decision. 

Like many things in life, you need to find what works for you.

Some of the steps could involve asking some of the following questions:

Where do you need to be?

What do you hope to gain from being there? (This helps confirm that the first question is the way to that there.)

What habits do you have that support this?

What habits do not support this?

What has held you back from attaining this?

What's the first step to this?

What step can you take right now? (This commits them. This inspires them. This helps turbo charge them.)

Through your lessons you learn quite a few successful ways to get clients to identify, pursue and attain their goals.

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