Jump Starting Self Esteem

Updated: Feb 28

When I wanted to change my life for the better I knew i had to start from the inside. Deep inside.

I needed to change the way I subconsciously and consciously saw myself.

I needed to ensure I thought I was AWESOME and COULD HANDLE ANYTHING THAT CAME MY WAY.

Thus, affirmations were the way to go.

But was 15 minutes a day enough to ensure all the changes??

I wasn't so sure. That's when I decided to start with 30 days of night affirmations to jump start the process (or kick it into high gear).

I went to YouTube and searched for 'subliminal affirmations while you sleep' and every night for that next month I listened while I slept.

Two months later we moved to our island home. Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not.

Definitely worth doing though.





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