I Got Covid-19 Twice - Second Time Was Easier

Updated: Mar 1

March 15, 2020 I was living in Tampa, Florida when our whole family got Covid. We got it again in February 7, 2021 in Arlington, Virginia. Testing confimed the second time but no testing was available the first time (#shortsupply).

So take this post for what you will - MY NON -SCIENTIFIC - NON - MEDICAL - OPINION. 😷

The first time was rough for me. I eat very healthy because I loathe, and I mean loathe, illness. I eat plant based, low fat,(almost) sugar free. No drinking, no smoking. #nofun??

I eat healthy enough that (since I changed my diet) I no longer get colds. Or, according to science, I get them but just do not notice. Okay by me.

I suffered from IBS for years and even though I do not have the daily struggles any longer (simple eating, my friend) I will still get stomach flu occasionally when my toddler brings it home.

Now that I have set he scene (haha) let me get to my two VASTLY different experiences.

March, 2020: First day my symptoms started I had some major gastrointestinal stuff going on. This was the worse part for me. Dang, I felt ill!!

That cleared up by the next day, but for the first time in 20 years I had a fever. I called my husband freaked out and terrified I had this thing called Covid-19. He told me not to worry, I was just having a hot flash. (Never had one before but I was almost 40 so I figured what he said had merit.)

Lasted about a half-hour, so no, I told myself, this was just hormones.

I had no cough, and hey, at that time, no cough, no fever meant no Covid.

A week later I had a cold that lasted about 24 hours. Bad enough I took two Tylenol.

But for the three weeks, starting the date of the diarrhea night, I felt disastrous at times. Tired enough I had to sit down where ever I was and just hydrate. And I could not figure out why.

Only ACV and honey got me through it.

The kids also got sick, with coughs, my 4-year-old got it the worse - he coughed for two weeks (at night this freaked me out).

Flash forward to our second time - a day of diarrhea with no pain, no nausea, and just a week of a cold. If it wasn't for my loss of sense of smell I would not have gotten tested it was so mild. And the 4-year-old got NOTHING. Even my 3-year-old got a runny nose (and just that this time). But the four-year-old had nothing. Nothing!

Hope this makes you feel a little better about getting it a second time - although everyone is different.

CYA NOTE: I am not a doctor and have ZERO medical training. Take my advice for what it is - not medical - entertainment.

This brings me to my NON-MEDICAL/ ZERO DATA theory.

If you do not get colds, Covid will be cold to you.

If you get colds, Covid will be the flu.

If you get flues, Covid will be pneumonia.

Again, I have ZERO evidence for this.

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