Can Your Relationship Be Repaired? Can A Client's?

Updated: Feb 26

When I created the Relationship repair program, it was for coaches looking to help couples come back from a divorce scenario and get back to being on the same team.

However, there is one scenario this program will not work in: Dysfunctional relationships.

How do you know if a relationship is functional with problems and can be repaired) or dysfunctional (cannot)?

A functional relationship is one that has new problems, new disagreements.

A dysfunctional relationship is one that has the same problem over and over again. An example of a relationship that cannot be repaired by getting back on the same team would be alcoholism.

To repair a relationship you need a certain level of awareness and wholeness that addiction does not allow.

Yes, it may seem on the surface that you keep having different problems: Lateness, missing events, dishonesty, disrespectful behavior but really this is all due to one thing: Addiction. (And as someone who previously spent ten years with an active alcoholic, I can tell you that until the alcoholic decides to change there is nothing the partner can do accept work on themselves, which is in itself a great deal of work.)

Aside from addiction and narcissism, most marriages can be rebuilt stronger and better than ever.

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