#1 Way to Get More Instagram, Pinterest Followers as a Coach

Who doesn't want more followers? More followers means more people getting to know you, which in turn means more people getting to like and trust you. And that means more clients!

So how does that happen?

When people search in Instagram for people to follow, posts pop up that match the terms or phrases they used.

And what do they match? Hashtages! ###

On Instagram, last time I checked, you could use 30 hashtags per post. (I just save a list and copy and paste.)

So on this post, I would end it with of the following terms:






The same applies for Pinterest. And I believe even Google searches that way as well.

And no, you don't need to capitalize any of the words, I just did it so you can see what I am tagging this post as.

Don't be too vague in your posts because then you're competing with like a million posts. So instead of #lifecoach, try #lifecoachforme or #inspiringlifecoach

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