#1 Income Tip For Women

Marketing is not easy and rarely comes naturally for people. One of the rules when marketing your services to is to NEVER undervalue your product by charging too little.

Why is that? Aren't people always looking for the best deal?

They are, but the best deal is not always the cheaper deal. In fact, you would do well to remember that no matter what you price your product or services at someone will ALWAYS be offering a lower rate.

But that does not meal they are offering MORE VALUE.

By more value, we mean more bonuses and benefits than others with a cheaper price point offer.

What is more, is that women especially tend to under price their services and products which gives the impression that their product does not have the quality of other comparatively similar products.

So what is a gal to do?

Why start by raising the price of EVERY PRODUCT you have by $50.00.  This is step one to creating more value in the eyes of your potential customer. Then take a look at your bonuses and benefits and see what else you can add, if anything.

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