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"I took the entire program!! I continue to take anything that I can get my hands on from Coach Mackenzie. Her programs are very thorough and she is very hands on with her teaching as well as her overall care for her students and her business. I love her and I am still so thankful that I chose this school to attend. Mackenzie continues to flood me with resources and information and I graduated well over a year ago. If you have found your passion and you are looking for schools then trust that you are reading this for a reason. My life changed and continues to change as I still grow every day in my field and in my life through what I have learned and continue to learn from Coach Mackenzie and the Life Coaching programs that she offers. I love my calling and I love this school and you will too."

Lora Lockhart, Professional Coach

"I have found that the support available is beyond what I had ever thought it would be. Mackenzie Pearce and Staff of Coach Teachers are amazing talented individuals all of stellar quality. I find the information from this wonderful training which I utilize for my clients is working well.
The lessons are very clear and concise, the audios are so very helpful and classes are enjoyable!"

Patty Alessi, Professional Coach



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