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And train others to become coaches.



Our Graduates


Train Others As Coaches


What do you need to start training people as coaches?

Get a curriculum all ready to go, you just add your company information, logo and change what you want.

Certify students in any area you choose.

We show you how to get your students ICF accredited (if they want).

Get accredited and certified through IICS, immediately upon registering.

Get training on how to train others online, in person or by phone.

Get social media training that will show you how to excel at Instagram, Pinterest and making videos. (And you can train your students!)

Get one-on-one weekly mentor coach support and a customized start up plan to help you get your coach training business up and running.

You keep 100% of your profits.

Be open in 30 days!

No experience necessary, just a love of coaching and some big dreams!

Watch a 30 second video on how we help you open your own school.

Become Certified Over 50 Niche Areas

When you take the Become a Coach Program you will be certified in up to 5 areas (out of over 50 areas). These include but are not limited to:

  • NEW! Now you can become a Life Coach Practitioner when you take the Become a Coach Program (no additional cost)

  • Certified Life Coach, designation CLC

  • Certified Personal Coach, designation CPC

  • Certified Empowerment Coach, designation CEC

  • Certified Successful Mindset Coach, designation CSMC

  • Certified Career Coach, designation CCC

  • Certified Relationship Coach, designation CRC

  • Certified Divorce Recovery Coach

  • Certified Grief Coach, designation CGC

  • Certified Health and Wellness Coach, designation CHWC

  • Certified Weight Loss Coach, designation CWLC

  • Certified NLP Coach, designation CWLC

  • Certified Christian Coach, designation CCC

  • Certified Spiritual Coach, designation CSC

  • Certified Co-Dependent Coach, designation CCoDC

  • Certified Youth Coach, designation CYC

  • Certified Group Coach, designation CGC

  • Certified Video and Social Media Coach, designation CVSMC

Specialty programs and areas we offer:

Certified Master Coach Program which includes the following certifications:

  • Certified Master Coach, designation MCC

  • Certified Mentor Coach, designation CMC

  • Certified Psychological Coach, designation CPC

  • Certified Anxieties and Fear Coach, designation CAFC

  • Certified Business and Executive Coach, designation CBEC

  • Certified Small Business Coach, designation CSBC

Health and Wellness Coach Program

  • Certified Chronic Illness Recovery Coach, designation CCIRC

  • Certified Health and Wellness Coach, designation CHWC

  • Certified Holistic Coach, designation CHC

  • Certified Plant Based Coach, designation CPBC

Certified Weight Loss Coach Program

  • Certified Weight Loss Coach, designation CWLC

Certified NLP Coach Program

  • Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Coach, designation CNLPC and NLP Practitioner Certificate